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The flapping of its wings, movement of the head and real peregrine call are all controlled by the on board computer to appear completely random and hence natural to the observing bird. Even the way it moves in the wind conveys realism. Finally, by moving Robop between the special mounting bases throughout the site ensures Robop is not observed to be always in exactly the same spot.
Robop has been engineered to look, move and sound like a real peregrine falcon. Most people
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are surprised by how large Robop is. In fact it could be up to 1.5 inches longer from beak to tail to match the largest peregrines. It is easy to see why birds are terrified of these creatures with their powerful chest, hooked beak and large talons. Gulls for example immediately
sound their alarm call as soon as they see Robop. However, Robop is made not just for it's initial impact.
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Robop - The Product
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