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There are two aspects to Robop. There is Robop the product and Robop Limited the Company. Here we will explain both of these starting with Robop the product after which the Company was named.

Robop is first and foremost a robot. Indeed it is the world's first robot as far as we can tell that was designed as a pest control device. For many companies Robop is both the first and the only robot they have ever deployed. This unique aspect is why the Discovery Channel commissioned a documentary film featuring Robop after an exhaustive world-wide search for robots in practical every day use. Surprisingly, there are very few. In robotic terms, Robop is very simple but it is extremely robust, being able to work outside in all weather conditions. It also uses very little power.

The key to Robop's success as a bird deterrent lies in the fact that it looks, moves and sounds like a peregrine falcon (see How does it work). While humans can easily tell its made of fibreglass and has electronics inside, wild birds, while very intelligent, do not have this level of understanding. To them Robop represents a real and present danger. This has been proven again and again in customer installations around the world since the first installation in Aberdeen back in 2002.

Robop Limited, was formed in September 2001 at the Elvingston Science Centre just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. Robop is the brianchild of Bob McIntyre an expert in wildlife and pest control with a practical engineering bent. Robop Limited was formed when other members of the team with expertise in electronics, finance and marketing joined Bob to build a new product and a new company. Robop is a private limited company with 14 private and two institutional investors. Robop is manufactured in house at the Company's facility in Tranent, East Lothian with key components made by specialist in other parts of the U.K.

Robop at sea - our floating versionProtecting oil seed rape plantingsWood pigeons bewareOn top of the Robop trailer systemDripping wet in IrelandPigeons fleeing from RobopRecent press photograph