Robop is a unique and effective, humane bird control system

RObotic Bird Of Prey makes it possible to keep birds off your property without
turning it into a fortress of nets and spikes, without annoying your neighbours
with loud bangs, without harming the birds in any way and crucially for owners
of large buildings, at a fraction of the cost of alternative approaches that
provide a long term solution.

Robop is sold world wide and all it’s components are handcrafted in the UK
from specialist manufacturers, using high quality materials and assembled
in our inhouse production facility.

If our specialist approach to manufacturing wasn’t enough, we also like to
keep a beedy eye on our energy consumption and carbon footprint,
contributing to a sustainable future.

If you have a problem with birds Robop may be for you, here are some of the
reasons why:

  Robop is Very effective in a wide range of situations
  Proven track record built up over 12 years, with more than 70 corporate
and public sector clients in 15 countries.
  For large buildings, much more cost effective than traditional methods
  Built for long term reliability in all weather conditions and capable of
deterring birds over timescales of  3, 5 or even 10 years
  Humane, eco-friendly and back with expert knowledge and advice

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